IPS officer Ms Rema Rajeshwari inspires students

At a recent interaction with senior students of International Community School, Kotagiri, Ms Rema Rajeshwari, I.P.S. encouraged the younger generation to take up positions of responsibility in society. In response to a question on how she faced examinations, the officer said that confidence in oneself was the key. ‘If  I believe in myself, what can stop me?’ asked the first Civil Services topper from her home district in Munnar, Kerala. According to the lady police officer, women in the department, though small in number, bring a great deal of acumen and presence of mind, on the job. Ms Rajeshwari was part of a special forces commando team, as part of an anti-Naxalite effort. ‘Training and personal development is critical to success in life,’ she stated, and concluding that school is the best place for early development, encouraging children to make the most of this important phase in their lives.