About ICS

A little history

Prior to the setting up of International Community School, there existed a small Danish-run institution run by Danish missionaries. In fact, the entire hill was known as the Danish hill, in those days, due to the presence of the Danish School. Years after the Danes left, International Community School (ICS) was founded in 1974, and was managed by the Lacson Global Educational & Social Services Trust headed by the late Jerry Lacson and his wife, Heather.
The school affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) in 1978 with Reg. no. TN 008.The CISCE conducts the ICSE and ISC examinations for Std X and Std XII respectively.  
Since 2015, International Community School is managed by the Vivega Bharathi Charitable Trust and the institution’s policies and processes are guided by the School’s Governing Council. The School Chairman and Managing Trustee, Senthil Rangaraj and his wife Maheswari Rangaraj, Trustee, are ably assisted by the team of professionals.

ICS Logo

What is the ICS way?

The ICS way encourages learning by doing.
Teacher and student exchange roles, effortlessly. No classroom or outdoor learning session is one-way. Discussion, 
debate and deliberation marks the communication between teachers, among students and within each individual.  Nurturing the intellect is the key to personal development. To be intellectual, is to understand the true nature of things; to see the whole picture, to have a discerning mind and to be logical in one’s conclusions. A true understanding of oneself, the self-discovery journey is what helps an individual to not only carry himself or or herself forward but others as well.The tree in the ICS logo signifies independence and interdependence. The tree denotes self assurance. Not only does a tree stand tall, it also provides for several. ICS’ians’ are developed to contribute meaningfully, to self, family and society.
Teaching methods are consciously managed and modified to provide INTEGRATED EDUCATION to every young mind. Character building is achieved through example, endurance and engagement with challenging situations.
Balanced development, both physically and mentally, is achieved through a guided approach to academics and sport. Every child is encouraged to climb, jump and run – literally and figuratively.Importantly, the efforts at school are carried home. The parent is a teacher at home and the teacher, a parent in school. The engagement with the teacher-student-parent is therefore, complete and consistent. The 3-way process, the triangle of engagement completes the larger objective of school education. Welcome to the ICS way. Welcome to Integrated Education where the process of ‘learning’, unlearning and re-learning is seamless but systematic. Where every question is answered, every word complete, every thought expressed, every emotion understood – life’s larger purpose met.

 International Community School, Kota Hall Road; Kotagiri, Nilgiris Dist., India – 643217. Phone: 9488847666 Email icskotagiri@outlook.com